Fatigue Cause – Poor Digestion. EB Technique – Juice Fasting!

It’s the simple things in life, like food, that can be so exhausting.

One of my favorite energy boost techniques is juice fasting. I would love some company …. read on … Post via the “Comments” if you will join me next Monday for a “Juice Only Day.

Energy Boost Technique:
Juice Fasting

My college mentor on this subject is Susan Smith Jones. Susan is a sparkling live wire who healed herself from a devastating car accident and became a renowned expert on the topic of health and nutrition.

Long story short – Susan inspired me to take a number of short and lengthy juice fasts when I was a student at UCLA. The point of a “juice only day” is to give our bodies a break and an opportunity to heal.

Everyday our bodies are so0000 busy digesting heavy foods, foods that combine poorly, artificial crude … We shovel down food when we’re angry and upset. We shovel down sweets to celebrate or comfort. Most of us can’t remember what we ate yesterday because our mouths were on auto-feed.

Sound familiar?

You can change all that one day at a time. According to Dr. Stephen Blauer, author, The Juicing Book, “By adding fresh juices to a balanced food regimen, you will help accelerate and enhance the process of restoring nutrients to chemically starved tissues. It is on these tissues that disease and illness thrive. In terms of prevention, therefore, the importance of juices cannot be overstated.”

Wow. I’m thinking about some of the stuff I ate over this past holiday and my own chemically starved tissues. Think I’ll break here and go juice up some carrots, kale and parsley.

I hope you’ll join me on Monday! Later in the week I’ll post a few juicing recipes to help you get ready. If you need a juicer, click here for an excellent buy through Amazon

BFN! Viveca
P.S. You can start hunting now for little, fun, umbrellas!
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2 thoughts on “Fatigue Cause – Poor Digestion. EB Technique – Juice Fasting!

  1. It’s the first I’ve heard of this. I don’t know if I’d have enough energy to only drink juice all day, especially since I’m breastfeeding.

    But it seems very cool.

  2. Maria,

    I am not an expert on this but I think that juice fasting may not be the best idea while breast feeding — you are putting out a lot of calories!

    Join me on Juicy Mondays when You are back to eating for one!


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