Viveca’s Story

My Wake Up Call was …
I couldn’t wake up in the morning AND I couldn’t wait to go back to bed.
I was tired all the time. Is this how you feel?

I didn’t look sick so it was easy to hide how I felt from my friends, family and fiancé. Fatigued, tired all the time, pooped, blah, heavy, weak, listless, depressed … I felt old and I was only 44 …

During this time I had many good excuses for my lack of energy… it was the holidays – it had been a busy week – anxiety about my wedding – career stress – feeling tired because of the move – tired from driving across country – the time change – feeling depressed – needed more exercise – had exercised too hard –  because I’d stayed up too late – because I’d gotten up too early – because I hadn’t slept well …

Do these excuses sound familiar? Could you have adrenal fatigue or another “hidden fatigue”? Read on …

My Life on Adrenal Fatigue – A Typical Day:

I’d crawl out of bed in the morning to see my fiancé off and then go back to bed and sleep deeply until late morning.

I only got up then because I felt guilty. I “should” be doing something.

Then I would have lunch, drink a couple cups of coffee while my head cleared.  I’d work for a couple hours then it was time for a nap. Or, I’d end up listlessly on the couch in front of the T.V. under the guise of  “taking a break.”

By late afternoon I would start to perk up just in time to pick up the house a bit, walk the dog and start on dinner. By the time Michael came home I was looking busy – bustling about like any happy, productive partner.

I felt like I was living a lie – I was ashamed and miserable. I didn’t tell him what was going on because I didn’t understand it myself. I kept thinking it was a phase and it would pass.”

The Isolation

Had less and less energy to keep up with my business. Colleagues faded away because of my lack of participation. I wasn’t “showing up” at events on or off line.

I didn’t have the energy to pursue opportunities that I’d worked so hard to create.

Bless my friends who would keep calling!  I’d only respond to calls that sounded like “Viveca, this is Lesley. I called you last week – call me I’m getting worried.”

Over time (AF creeps up on you over time) I dropped out of the activities I enjoyed. I stopped going to Salsa Class – hardly went to dog beach or dog park. Stopped organizing get togethers and outings with friends.
The Shame – The Fear

I assumed there was something wrong with me morally, not physically. Physically I looked fine – healthy, strong – therefore it had to mean that …

I was lazy, unmotivated, unreliable, incompetent, unfocused, disorganized, not good enough and maybe the worst of all …

I was old. This is how it felt when you were past the prime of your life …
The Turning Point – What went wrong and then went right 

First, I moved to a new state and left my MD behind.  SHE was the one who’d told me that nothing was wrong I just needed to “tough it out.”

Next, my trusted “healer” died. I had counted on her for herbs, wise counsel and energy work that had always made me feel better.” I was devastated.

Then it started to go right …  I listened into a radio show and heard a doctor talking about solutions for insomnia, adrenal fatigue (I had never heard that term before) – about thyroid & liver function and … I was riveted.

Next a friend told me about a magazine to get. She read a headline to me that went like this …80 % of American women will suffer from adrenal fatigue … There was that AF word again. Was it a coincidence? I had to find out more.

Long story, short.  I ran out and bought that magazine and started researching on the internet. I started a chat topic in the Wild Business Women’s Tribe, an on-line women’s community, and the suggestions, shares, solutions starting coming in –
I was on my way! There was no holding my health back!

Kept reading, researching, chatting and changing health habits, lifestyle habits, and spiritual habits – integrating one thing at a time …

It’s been 12 months now since I first heard of Adrenal Fatigue AND I FEEL GREAT!

I’ve been busy in a peaceful sort of way. Peaceful because pushing hard,
making it happen & beating myself harder – the old paradigms for change just
don’t work with AF.

These days I am also passionate about helping others re-cover and re-energize in
an enduring, endearing way. Are you ready for your journey to begin?

Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide

It is bottom line – no fluff & to the point. In just 24 pages I’ll show you  “how to” recover-from-fatigue.

My 8 Step process tells you how to:

  • Inventory your health & life style & uncover yourfatigue factors
    Easy-does-it, do it at home self-tests
  • Make easy changes – immediately feel better. Starts with when you wake up and ends with you snug in your bed.
  • Gather critical information to share with your doctor and
  • Ask your doc to perform tests – which ones & why
  • Feel better – fast! And, keep you energy on high!

And, it helps you:

  • Uncover and eliminate anxiety, a major source of fatigue in women
  • Understand what is driving you and how to ease off the pedal to get your life back in balance.
  • End the vicious cycle of fatigue-insomnia-fatigue-insomnia-fatigue …
  • Develop fun and creative strategies and habits to keep your energy high all the live-long-day.
  • Figure out which supplements to add to your diet and why.
  • Recognize toxic relationships and your own destructive relationship habits. Could this be what is really behind you feel so tired all the time?
  • more … more … more …

Fatigue Be Gone! is a “must read” and “must do” before your next doctor’s appointment. And, if you’re reading this I know you’re not feeling great. Are you? Let’s get going right now …

Step One: Call and schedule an appointment with your doctor for a complete physical.

Now, click here to order your copy, For only $9.99 I’ll  take you through the rest of the steps and get you ready to take full advantage of that appointment and get your energy back, for good..

You have no time to waste, do you?

To Your Health!


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