3 Free Ways to De-Stress Today!

I’ve come across some super doper stress-busting opportunities this morning. (Oh and I am still continuing my juice fast from yesterday and bubbling with energy!)

Stretching: I am on my third day of my 10-minute stretch routine. Even when I was a kid I wasn’t all that flexible so add a whole bunch of years and it can get ugggg-ly. Yesterday my acupressurist suggested I stretch whenever I see one of my animals stretching. I love that idea! I have three cats, two dogs and a bird so this is going to be one flexible day!

Dump It: A.k.a. The Abraham Hicks Placement Process
I just found a blog called MyFavoriteSelfHelpStuff.com and I am smitten. I can tell Elisabeth is a cool stuff hound and a practical, bottom-line, “how to” healer. Love it. As soon as I am done with this post I am doing the “Abraham Hicks Placement Process” she recommended. (Psst. I also signed up to receive her “Free Stress Tips Report.”)

Breathe. Yes, I am into the basics today. I did the “Follow Your Breath” Exercise with Andrew Weil this morning. I will do this throughout the day for a minute here and a minute there … all those minutes add up.

How to: With your eyes open, closed or half-closed, just breathe. Don’t try to affect your breathing – don’t change one thing – just breathe in and breathe out. Put all you focus on your breath – how and where you feel it coming in and going out, when you feel it stop and begin. Breathe out any thoughts – worries or brilliant ideas – that try to force themselves into your focus. Relax, breathe and notice your breath for as long or as short as you wish. (Psst. You can practice this and many other breathing techniques with Dr. Weil. I highly recommend his CD Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing (The Self Healing Series)


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2 thoughts on “3 Free Ways to De-Stress Today!

  1. These are great points. Stretching is definitely something I need to do more. I am not flexible at all.

  2. I finally caved and bought the family a Wii. I also bought the Wii Fit and after only 7 short days, I'm addicted to the yoga. I do feel nice and bendy when I'm done.

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