Coming to my senses today. All day.

I am been feeling a lot of stress – financial, political and familial. The way out – the FUN way out — is to focus on bringing joy to my senses — sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell AND intuition.

This is a lot easier than you might think …

Sight: Today I will be conscious of what I choose to look upon. Hanging up in front of my desk is Peety my cockatiel. He is my cheerful office buddy and a constant source of inspiration. To the left of my monitor is my bright monkey coffee mug. Both Peetie and my mug have lots of yellow to stimulate my intellect and creativity. My desk and office is fairly clear and clean so I don’t visually overwhelmed. An excellent book that helped me is SORTED! The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Life – Once And For All

What do you gaze on daily? Does it feed or sink your spirits? Add a flower, add something favorite to your line of sight and take away an eye-sore.


Hearing: I work with Mozart (Baby Einstein – Baby Mozart – Music Festival) as my creativity and focus muse. This CD is multi-purpose — me and the babes! Another CD I just started using is Increase Vitality : Dr. Andrew Well’s Music For Self-Healing. Awesome! Listening to it now. Finally, I have A funky CD — Zouk Love en Francais.

What do you have on hand to lift your spirits or getting your feet dancing? Something Salsa, something rock, something ethereal?


Taste: Been doing that food combining technique since a couple weeks now. Not only have I lost weight and feel more energized, I am enjoying the taste of food more. In about an hour I’ll have some peanut butter on celery sticks … What tastes pick you up? What can you crunch on?

Another quick & tasty pick-me-up … a drop of Peppermint or Lemon
Essence oil on my tongue throughout the day.

What tastes boost your body and spirit? Treat yourself to something that makes your mouth say WOW!


Touch: I have ugs on my feet, favorite jeans hugging my lower half and a cuddly turtleneck up top. Tonight I will steep myself in a lavender/Epsom salt bath.

What can you wear now or later today that feels comfy, luxurious or peppy? Rub your hands or feet with a couple drops of Peppermint Essence Oil in your favorite lotion for a quick boost. (Or, put your feet in cold or warm water to perk up or calm down.)

Smell: I dabbed some Lavender essence oil on the collar of my turtleneck so it can waft up at me all day long. Not only will I feel soothed but anyone who stands close to me will benefit too! Along this line I am using a breathing technique that I learned on the Andrew Weil Feel Better, Live Longer CD set. Dr. Weil advises us to make our breaths “deeper, slowly, quieter and more regular.” His CD teaches different breathing techniques and I felt a BIG difference after just one session.

A free way to up your breathing is through laughter. Click here to pick and watch a FREE on on-line episode of 30 Rock with Tina Fey!

Notice your breathing today. Try closing your eyes now and just focus on your breath. How many times do your slowly breath in and out during a minute? Find out. Then extend it to two minutes and focus on breathing “deeper, slowly, quieter and more regular.”

Intuition: To the left of my monitor is a Sonia Choquette “Trust Your Vibes Intuition Card that I picked before starting work today. It reminds me to “Cloak myself in Light.”

According to Sonia “Cloak yourself in light deflects negative influences and prevents them from attaching to you and disturbing your peace.”
To listen into my interview with Sonia Choquette on this topic go to:

Notice your intuitions – inspirations today. Have a friend flash to mind? Call her or him. Feeling stuck? Take a walk around your block, your building or up and down a couple flights of stairs. If your body is clogged, so is your intuition.


Well my friend, this is what I’ll be up to today. Try what you like and let me know how it plays out for you. Do you have tips for me? Please add them using the “Comments” option. Thanks! – Viveca


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