Health Quote – Growing older can be …

“Growing older can be a wonderful adventure, so long as you remember that the operative word is ‘growing’ ” -unknown

Yesterday I grew in spite of myself. I didn’t want to go to the gym, but I did. Somehow I ended up in a Qigong/Tai Chi class. I had always wanted to experience Qigong – Years ago I watched one of my best Friends, who could barely move or breathe, use it to come fully back to life. Not to sound cliched but her transformation was like “night to day.”

It was challenging – an adventure. By the end of it my breathing was fuller, my back had stopped aching and I felt full of energy! It gave me a splash of “V” for variety in my exercise routine. I walk a lot which is great BUT I’ve been needing something new and cool.

The gym I just joined also has classes in Jujutsu, Kickboxing, YogaFlex, Partner Yoga (do ya think Michael will go for that?!), Zumba (Latin dance & music) Hip Hop, Fit Fusion, Cycling, Swimming and Saunaing. (I made that last one up …!)

So, I plan to grow and play physically this winter/spring. What about you? What do you do to shake things up?

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One thought on “Health Quote – Growing older can be …

  1. Well, I’ve recently begun taking gHP Youth Formula to help all my body’s cells repair and rejuvenate. Very exciting product – you can go to if you want to find out about it.

    And I’ve also just started doing the ‘SomaMotion’ workout at home, following a DVD… From what I understand, the movements in it are related to Qigong.

    I’m not as ambitious as you, going out to the gym, but the SomaMotion is a start. I spend a lot of time behind a computer, both at work and at home, so anything that gets me up and moving is a blessing!

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