10 Ways to Boost Your Energy Today

1. How do you break-your-fast?

Breakfast. My first memories are bleak. I remember being timed to eat food I hated AND being punished for not “gobbling” it down like my power munching older brothers. Mom claims that this is a distorted memory but I don’t think so …

Anyway this early breakfast trauma and drama paved the way for my adult breakfast choices – a cup of coffee and something, on the RUN – maybe.

Honestly, I thought breakfast was a “boring” social obligation. I did understand that most of the world seemed to wake up hungry. I just was never one of them.

These days I still don’t wake up hungry BUT I am busy at the breakfast trough because …

I found out the hard way (years of fatigue, adrenal fatigue, anemia, you-name-it-fatigue) that breakfast is what rules the morning energy gods. It fuels the rest of the day and it is THE fastest and easiest way boost your energy, your mood and promote harmonious interactions with world at large.

These days I have also made peace with my oatmeal past. In fact, I even came up with an Oatmeal Energy Boost Recipe that rocks! Click here to add it to your morning breakfast recipe repertoire – you’ll feel the better for it …

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