It’s Monday and I am feeling … tired!

I had a jam-packed weekend. Some days I am just tuckered out from being a busy bee and that’s life!

Saturday I planned to:

1. Work on Taxes.
2. Work on my DogCaptions Fundraiser Program.
3. Clean the house (with M. by my side.)
4. Grocery Shopping
5. Yoga Class
6. Re caulk the bathroom shower.

(All of this in addition to normal daily activities.)

What I did was:

1. Yoga Class
2. Grocery shopping where we discovered our grocery store was no longer stocking a favorite red wine from a local winery. To support our community we HAD to go …
3. Wine tasting! Which led into …
4. Visiting with my step-daughter and then …
5. Home in time for din din and time for bed!

Somedays I make such serious plans and God laughs and sends me off to play instead!

So, today my fatigue is fun-related! Then, some of it stems from the realization that I still have many tedious hours ahead to complete my work and taxes by St. Patty’s day … Bleh. Sigh.

How are you doing today?!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Monday and I am feeling … tired!

  1. I’ve been doing some self development work over the last week or so, and I woke up this morning full of beans, after last night’s breakthroughs.

    I always seem to have more energy after an emotional storm.

  2. Right on Solomon!

    A new “self development” tool in my toolbelt is called “deadlines.” A recent “aha” is that I don’t give myself deadlines which is why tedious tasks can drag on and on and tedium is exhausting.
    Tomorrow is my deadline for taxes and a major project and then comes a big sigh and some play.

    A very brave boy that I knew used to say “Don’t forget to play after the storm.” Great advice.

    Thanks for sharing S!


  3. Thank you Liza! And I’ll take all that good luck you’re sending my way!
    I am seeing the light … and it is not a freight train!

    Hugs! Viveca

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