Shrimp & Papaya & Mango & Chicken, Oh my…

Just browsing through one of my favorite magazines, Health Magazine, and came across a couple energy boost foods and recipes to share with you!

1. Shrimp. A 3-ounce serving has 14% of our recommended daily amount of energy boosting iron. Furthermore, it recommends that we look for “Wild American” Shrimp because it is free of contamination issues. (Iron carries oxygen to red blood cells to help prevent anemia. Anemia is extremely fatiguing – been there, done that.)

You know what else? This is an easy kapeezy lunch addition. Pack ’em in a Tupperware with a little Tupperware of dipping sauce … yummy!

2. Papaya-Mango Chicken Salad. Says to mix pre-cooked chicken with fat-free creme cheese, diced papaya, scallions and some mango chutney. Then a dash of salt, pepper and lime juice.

I’ll make this for Michael and moi lunch tomorrow – his will be minus the creme cheese ’cause he is lactose intolerant. Well, gotta run off to the grocery store … See you tomorrow.

Pssst. Have posted a number of energizing recipes here, check ’em out. And, if you want to re-Energize your body, mind and spirit then check out the Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide. It has what you need and is instantly available upon receipt of payment.

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