Teamwork – Who is on your team?

If we were meant to go it alone, we’d be alone. Instead we share this space called Earth with millions and millions …

My point is – get support from those “in the know” IF you want to feel better – FAST.

Last week I added a personal trainer to my team. My gym offered a free health evaluation and 3 free sessions. It took me a year to take them up on this offer. Why? Because I am used to going it alone. Asking for help showed weakness. (Where did I pick up that energy sucking attitude?)

Long story short – now I know which machines to use and I have a “plan” to build my strength, bones, curves – you name it.

And I found out that I am in EXCELLENT physical shape!

Two years ago I could barely get off a couch or walk – stroll for half and hour. I was tired all the time and slept as much as I could. Little by little – habit by habit – I have rebuilt my mind, body and spirit. That exam was a great validation.

I am not bragging. I am encouraging you to keep chipping away whatever is dragging you down and to keep on trucking, learning, asking and growing until you get your miracle health …

Don’t forget that there is an easy-8-Step program to help you get started NOW.
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