The energy-boosting power of dance!

I love to dance and it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost energy and break out of any kind of slump (writer’s block, tedious chore blues, loneliness & anxiety.)

Years ago when I ended a major relationship I was so down, lonely and disconnected. Depression is exhausting – mentally, physically and spiritually.

The last thing I wanted was to “rebound” and fill that gaping hole with another loser relationship.

I signed up for Salsa Classes.

Long story short, I got the touch and connection I craved, 2 min with this man and 2 min with that man! I made a fabulous new group of friends. We were all there for the same reason, just had different stories. This Friday night class was something I could look forward to and it brought back the simple joy of TIGF!

Physically I worked out the kinks in what had been a chronic back pain and danced my way back into a supple spine. Emotionally I built back my self-esteem (Salsa Dancing isn’t easy and positive non-threatening attention from 2 minute men was great!) I strutted and swayed my stuff right out of depression and fed my worn out adrenal glands the “right stuff”, FUN!

If you are feeling blah, depressed or down right exhausted, your cure could start with a dance class. Look at your life. If you don’t see a weekly date with joy, fun, and friends all the pills and massages in the world are not going to make a difference. Joy is part of the Fatigue Be Gone! prescription.

Let’s dance, dance, dance! (And post later and tell me all about it!)

Hugs! Viveca


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2 thoughts on “The energy-boosting power of dance!

  1. I sometimes think it would be nice to dance, and then I remember how many times I’ve fallen over getting out of a chair. 😀 I have a left foot and a right foot, on the wrong feet, lol.

  2. Solomon, If I could do it – anyone can including you!

    Something else I loved about that class (and Salsa Dancing) is that one day I realized no one was noticing me because they were focused on not following over themselves or stepping on their partners! Salsa is an equal opportunity challenge!

    And … the music … ahhhh …. there is nothing sad or tiring about Salsa music. What an energy boost!

    Thanks for commenting!


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