Tooth Ache Diet Re-Energizes FAST, 24/7

Well, not exactly 24/7. Every so often – like as often as possible, I pop a couple aspirins and get a break from the pain. Nothin’ like a tooth ache to take one’s mind off of dis-eases – physical, mental or spiritual!

For example, you won’t notice how tired you are feeling when your mouth is throbbing and you are counting down the hours AND dreading the “fix it” dental appointment. An unpaid bill will suddently seem trivial and you will find your connection to spirit deepening …

I want you to know something. I do not recommend this method of eliminating fatigue or losing weight. (Did I forget to mention that every time I eat, it aches worse so I am eating less?)

Yes, there is a better, gentle and more joyful way to get your groove back and it is just one click away! The Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart! e-Guide is a simple, yet powerful way to get to the root of your tiredness without having a root canal. Physical and Lifestyle Surveys can help you uncover energy-zapping habits. Easy fill-in-the-blank forms provide important information for your doctor. Simple re-energizing solutions can help you get back on the fast track. All can be found in Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart! e-Guide available at –
use this URL (

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