Life Keeps Getting Better with Terry Hernon MacDonald

There is a feeling that comes along with fatigue. Well, there are quite a few actually.

One of my least favorite was hopelessness. That feeling that no matter what you do or don’t do you will never really feel like your old self. The self that was tireless, funny, enthusiastic and high on life. Remember that super woman energetic you?

My friend Terry taps out a daily blog that never fails to lift my spirits and, where the spirits go the body is soon to follow.

Here is a post from Terry Hernon MacDonald, founder of Happy Girl Musing. It is titled “Life Keeps Getting Better.” Enjoy.

We’ve all heard the garbage about a woman over age 35 meeting a decent man being about as likely as her dying in a plane crash. Yesterday, I met yet another woman who defied that nonsense.

She’s 53, positive-minded, active, and an enthusiastic newlywed, but she could have been a real sad sack. She had plenty of cause to feel sorry for herself. In April 2007 (11 months ago), she was hit by a car and told she would ever walk again.

Doctors said they’d have to amputate her right foot. She refused to believe them.

Call it faith in God, call it the Law of Attraction, call it whatever you want: She determined that a power mightier than modern medicine created her and would heal her foot. She would walk again.

Do I need to tell you that she did not lose her foot? That she was walking fluidly– without a limp — 11 months later? Now, I can’t say what her foot looks like under the sleek high-heeled boot she wore; she did say it’s been fortified with pins.

But whatever it looks like, it’s not stopping her. As I said, she’s newly married and clearly enjoying life. I wish I’d had the chance to ask her about her new husband, especially how she met him.

My guess is she did it the same way she healed her foot. She surely wouldn’t be the first person who succeeded in meeting the man of her dreams this way.

To learn more about Terry why don’t you tune into my interview with her on the “Secrets of Attraction.” You are gonna love to hear what she has to say

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