What is Fatigue? Symptoms of Fatigue

Fatigue – it affects women and men and most are completely unaware of it … Fatigue, so easily blamed on anything and everything but the physical cause. I’m fine but … tired of him/her or the kids, I got up too early, went to bed too late, PMS, too many or too few hormones, I worked out too hard or not enough, lack of motivation or smarts or ambition or inspiration or …

Symptoms of Fatigue: Depression, insomnia, strained relationships (tired of him/her), constipation, feelings of confusion and overwhelm, short temper, lack of motivation, head aches, hair loss, weight gain especially around the middle, moodiness and food cravings, lack of interest in sex and dry eyes (to name a few.) Fatigue acts out in procrastinating, pessimism, isolating and withdrawing from friends, favorite activities and clubs. Too tired for fun, walking the dog, meeting new people or staying in touch with friends and family. Fading back …

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