What’s the rush? NO – Don’t Rush – STOP.


What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important
– President Eisenhower

Our politicians are in a hurry to take over our excellent health care. Instead of talking to us – gathering our input – they are pushing fast to ram through their version of “care.” Why? Follow the money … they just can’t get their hands on it fast enough.

The thought of having officious idiots – the kind that run my Home-owner’s Association – deciding my care makes me want to puke.

As I write I can’t put in the backyard fence of my dreams. Why? Because the HOA won’t approve it even though there are at least 10 other homes with exactly the same fence! Somehow those homes are “exceptions.” I have to petition and jump through all kinds of hoops to perhaps be granted this “exception” ruling. This isn’t life or death – what if it was?

Who in their right minds wants attorneys, politicians and HOA personalities deciding their health care. Do you?

The Obama Health Care plan will be GREAT for people who are exceptions or have the right connections. Let’s see —  politicians are exceptions, unions are exceptions and the very wealthy buy their exceptions. Do you really think Warren Buffet, Babs, Nancy Pelosi and Oprah will be on our new plan – hmmm? Well, maybe they’ll all go to Cuba with Michael Moore …

I could tell you a lot about socialized medicine. My family is French – I’ve lived many years in France. I was there when health care was “nationalized” and the doctors and the med students marched in the streets to protest some 25 years ago.

Today their health care is excellent if you are an exception. Their exceptions go elsewhere for major care – like here. France in now in the process of re-privatizing its health care! What a joke.

There are two pluses from the French Health care System and Lifestyle I would love to add into ours:

1.  ZERO kazillion dollar hot coffee cup settlements. France does not tolerate Tort Lawyers Suits that have driven many of our docs out of states, out of practice and driven up our costs. This also allows for very good care at the pharmacy store level. When you’re sick you can go the pharmacy instead of winding up in expensive emergency rooms.

2.  Healthy Belly-Fat Free Diet.  The French Diet is healthier and they are more disciplined, less “super-sized” in their approach to eating. An excellent book on this subject is: The French Don’t Diet Plan by Dr. Will Clower. I met him years ago – what a dynamo and super slim!  Check it out here: http://www.willclower.com/

For more information on what’s going on with the Health Care Debate, please read this article, A Doctor’s Reflection on Health-Care Reform http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124571387059539071.html

To help STOP this fiasco please take five minutes to call your state senators and congressman to tell them NO – Don’ Rush – STOP.
You can reach them at one phone number: 202-224-3121 OR
go to this site for their private numbers http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

Be politeyou’ll get an intern on the phone and just him or her – NO – Don’t Rush – STOP. Then give your first name and zip code. Done.

Please call today then call tomorrow – get your friends and family to make those calls too.
Stand up now for your health care freedom or wish you had later.


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