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Albert loves a great comedy!

Compiling a funny movie list seems like the perfect project for this bleak, rainy, cold, bleh, kind of a day. Am I dating myself too much if I told you I was listening in to Wednesday Morning, 3AM by Simon & Garfunkel while I’m at it?!

Listing funny movies and singing along with S & G is definitely raising my mood and energy! Some of these movie titles were added by a young friend of mine … some were family favorites from my childhood like Get Smart! My father’s pick would have been The Woman in the Red Dress.  I remember seeing Young Doctor Frankenstein with my mother and brother R. when I was ten years old. Twenty years later I introduced it to my nieces and nephews. My grandmother loved all the Benji movies and had a dog that looked just like him. Wild Target is a favorite of my husband. Stuck on You featured two hilarious minutes with Fred Burns ….

Please review and add in any I’ve overlooked. Or, let me know which ones are your favorites too! The power of humor is incredibly healing and something our tired adrenal glands need more and more these days. Add one into your next order from Amazon and share it with a friend, human or furry, to maximize its energy-boosting-benefits!

Funny Movie List (in no particular order!)

1. Mrs. Doubtfire (Widescreen Edition)

2. Tootsie – 25th Anniversary Edition

3. Sandra Bullock Comedy Collection: 4 Film Favorites (Miss Congeniality / Two Weeks Notice / Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood / Miss Congeniality 2 Armed & Fabulous)

3. Adventures in Babysitting

4. The Lion King (Two-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray / DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging)

5. Mary Poppins (Two-Disc 45th Anniversary Special Edition)

6. Rush Hour Series including Money Talks

7. School of Rock

8. She’s the Man

9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1&2

10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

11. Monty Python’s Life of Brian (The Criterion Collection)

12. The Pink Panther Film Collection (The Pink Panther / A Shot in the Dark / Strikes Again / Revenge of / Trail of the Pink Panther)

13. Austin Powers Collection (International Man of Mystery / The Spy Who Shagged Me / Goldmember) [Blu-ray]

14. Meet the Parents

15. Beverly Hills Cop Collection (Beverly Hills Cop / Beverly Hills Cop II / Beverly Hills Cop III)

16. The Distinguished Gentleman

17. Office Space – Special Edition with Flair

18. American Pie: 3 Movie Pie Pack – The Franchise Collection (Unrated)

19. The Proposal

20. The In-Laws (1979) / The In-Laws (2003) (Double Feature)

21. Hello, Dolly! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

22. Bye Bye Birdie

23. Step Brothers

24. It’s Complicated

25. What A Women Wants

26. There’s Something About Mary

27. Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy

28. Shrek: The Whole Story Boxed Set

29. Airplane! (Don’t Call Me Shirley! Edition)

30. Pan Am Series

31. Young Frankenstein

32. Stir Crazy

33. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

34. L.A. Story

35. The Jerk (26th Anniversary Edition)

36. The Muppet Movie – Kermit’s 50th Anniversary Edition

37. Three Amigos

38. Pennies From Heaven

39. Manhattan by Woody Allen

40. Parenthood

41. Father of the Bride 1 & 2

42. Cheaper By the Dozen

43. Around the World in 80 Days

44. The Producers

45. Sgt. Bilko

46. Get Smart (The Movie!)

47. Get Smart: Seasons 1 and 2 with Don Adams

48. Wild Target

49. Three Men and a Baby / Three Men and a Little Lady

50. Blazing Saddles (30th Anniversary Special Edition)

51. The Woman in Red

52. La Cage Aux Folles

53. Liar Liar (Collector’s Edition)

Note: Should you fall in love with one of the pups or purrs that star in this next set of comedies, please visit your local shelter or contact your favorite breed-specific-rescue. If you’d like to read about my experiences in volunteer dog walking land, click here!

54. Marley and Me

55. The Dobermans Double Feature (The Doberman Gang / The Daring Dobermans)

56. Air Bud (Special Edition)

57. Beethoven

58. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: The Complete First and Second Seasons

59. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

60. Turner and Hooch

61. Men In Black

62. Underdog

63. Legally Blonde / Legally Blonde 2 – Red, White and Blonde

64. The Shaggy Dog

65. Look Who’s Talking Now!

66. Marmaduke

67. Cats & Dogs

68. As Good As It Gets

69. Hotel for Dogs

70. Lady and the Tramp (Diamond Edition)

71. Bolt

72. A Charlie Brown Christmas

73. All Dogs Go to Heaven

74. A Fish Called Wanda

75. What are your favorite comedies? Do share!

PSST. The power of humor is incredibly healing and there are so many ways to charge it up …. Like Laughter Yoga and sending a funny DogCaptionCard to a friend. We even have a couple with Albert the Joy Dog!

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