How to make your energy-boosting “Breakfast Bar”

How to make your energy-boosting “Breakfast Bar”
Start your day eating for energy and you’ll have it all-day-long.

Conversely, start your day skipping breakfast or eating high-sugar, energy zapping Micky Ds Breakfasts and you’ll feel like crap all-day-long. My last yummy MD breakfast put me into a migraine and on the couch all day. That was quite an expensive and time-consuming meal, eh?

If you’ll take a moment to set up your “Breakfast Bar” you can eat FAST and feel great. Here’s “how to” set it up:

1.    Refrigerator:  You’ll need a small storage container that will easily fit inside your fridge. Fill it with these energizing essentials: Dried Blueberries, Ground Flax Seeds, Bag of Walnut Pieces, Slivered Almonds, Sesame Seeds, Ground Cinnamon Spice Jar, Bob’s Gluten Free Oatmeal, Grits, Kelp, Chia Seeds, Spirulina and a jar of chopped garlic.

2.    Freezer:  Same idea. This where you’ll want to store nuts, walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, etc. I also store baggies of chopped onions and green/orange/red/yellow peppers.

Start where you are and stock your bar with whatever supplies you have on-hand. You can add more to it later. Some of the items are only available at higher end grocery stores, or you can find them in our Amazon Energy-Boost Shop.

Breakfast Menus: Fast, easy, delicious and family-friendly too.
Hot gluten-free cereal. The Quinoa Flakes take 9o seconds, Oatmeal or grits will take five to twenty minutes. You pick then add the following to your bowl,
1 TBSP Ground Flax Seeds, Dash of Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Kelp, tsp. Spirulina, walnuts, dried or fresh fruit. I recommend you use Almond or Rice Milk in place of Cow Milk – dairy allergies are very tiring.

Easy Egg Scramble. Start by lightly sautéing your chopped onions, peppers and any other veggie you have available – fresh or frozen. Then add your eggs, spicing (Sea Salt, Kelp) and scramble away! Top with goat cheese, some sesame seeds and add a piece of gluten-free toast.

For best results I recommend that you go “gluten-free” at least for breakfast.

Why? Wheat products spike our blood sugar as much as a candy bar or that Mickey D meal. Arggg. If you’d like to know more, get a copy of Grain Brain or Wheat Belly. I read both this past winter and can tell you that getting off wheat has eliminated my migraines. I also lost thirty pounds – without trying. Both books are listed in our shop.

Well – there you have it. Enjoy your Breakfast Bar and let me know about any special goodies you add to it. I am always on the hunt for new tastes and energy boosts!

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2 thoughts on “How to make your energy-boosting “Breakfast Bar”

  1. Ooops. Forgot something!

    3rd FAST breakfast meal would be goat’s yogurt plus any of the toppings and add-ins.


  2. One of my favorite FAST breakfasts is fresh ground peanut butter smeared generously on a piece of gluten-free bread or on a couple stalks of celery!

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