Boost your energy with a “2-Minute Breath Break”

Happy Thursday!

Before you read one more word please STOP what you’re doing. It is time to breathe …

The power behind the “2-Minute Breath Break” is so simple, so free and so available to you anytime and anywhere. All you need is you, your lungs and a couple minutes of your time.


Step 1.  Place the tip of your tongue up and behind your top front teeth (this is a pressure point).

Step 2. Close your mouth as you will be breathing in through your nose.

Step 3 Inhale slowly and quietly to the count of four.

Step 4 Hold your breath to the count of seven.

Step 5 Exhale audibly, through your mouth, to the count of eight.

Step 6.  Repeat two more times.

Now you know how I spend the first two minutes of my work day, everyday and what I do to transition between work tasks. Now you know what I do in long bank lines, at red lights and before I’m about to have THAT conversation with who-knows-who.

Your turn.

How to Boost Energy – Recommended Reading  
Spontaneous Healing: How to Discover and Enhance Your Body’s Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal Itself, Dr. Andrew Weil 

Psst. Love this book! The “2-Minute Breath Break” comes from Chapter 13,
Mind and Spirit, Take a relaxing breath, pages 206 and 207.

How to Boost Energy – Energizing Listening
Classical music enhances mental focus. Find a classical radio station
or CD and tune into it the next time you need energy and focus for a task.
Another, anytime option, is to use healing music a.k.a. “Entrainment” which includes Dr. Weil’s “Self-Healing with Sound and Music

How to Boost Energy – Energizing Doing
Whatever you love to hear, in the foreground or the background,
UP it this week! It is time, time to start
loving your life again.

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