Junk Mail Fatigue. Mail me something personal, something fun – please!

Instead of junk mail I’d like to celebrate “National Card and Letter Writing Month” with some good news, please. I’d like a card from someone who knows and loves me. Or a note from someone who would like to know and love me. Heck, I’d settle for any piece of mail that does not threaten or guilt me into …

* completing a survey.

* making a donation.

* calling or writing to my congresspersons or political party.

* eating or drinking something I don’t want at some place I don’t want to go.

* making a payment NOW or at sometime sooner than later.

* paying someone else’s bill NOW or sometime soon.

Ahhhhh …. for a note from a friend with a funny cartoon inside, a letter from my mother with a check to go “spoil” myself, a note from a girlfriend “just because.”

The thing about notes and letters is that one often has to initiate them. Once they are in motion however they seem to take on a life of their own and become more frequent … I was on a roll earlier this year writing “thank you” notes. Amazing things came out of that! … lots of return notes (thank yous, funny and sweet), an autographed copy of “Why Good Things Happen to Good People,”  a major discount on a car repair job and tons of feel-good energy.

Best of all I found that writing notes cheered me up. Doing good onto others just seems to do the best on to me.

Next month, April,  is officially known as  “National Card and Letter Writing Month.” It is also known as “National Humor Month.” You can accomplish both by mailing out funny DogCaption Cards! And … 25% of the profits from these card packs benefit dog and cat rescues. I should know. I am kinda on the board!

While you’re at it – why don’t you surprise me with a note? I’ll return the favor! My address is 10321 Antietam Court, Fredericksburg, VA 22408.

Special thanks to girlfriendcelebrations.com for bringing “National Card and Letter Writing Month” to my attention.

Cheers! Viveca

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3 thoughts on “Junk Mail Fatigue. Mail me something personal, something fun – please!

  1. Thanks Elvina!
    I crawled out of fatigue some five years ago. I crawled because it wasn’t easy to figure out what was going on with me – what tests to take or how to talk to my doc.

    My Fatigue Be Gone Guide and this blog grew out of my desire to help others recover FAST and to keep myself on track and feeling fine.

    Please come back soon!


  2. I’m sorry it took me so long to get over here. I love your idea of getting back to “real” correspondence….but, then there’d be no spell-check, right? How did we get along without spellcheck?

    Can I still use White-Out? Or, maybe I should write the note in pencil, just to be safe….
    .-= kathryn´s last blog .. =-.

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