Arthritis Joint Pain – Opportunity to stay loose, loose stubborn belly fat and find new friends

Arthritis Joint Pain can be your curse or your wake up call and a blessing. Guess who gets to choose? Three letter word —  sounds like Casper the ghost’s favorite word …

What causes arthritis joint pain in the first place? For most it is simply a side affect of aging, a result of lifetime wear and tear. The most common form, osteoarthritis, shows up as joint inflammation and swelling, joint pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion. In case you think these are good reasons to be a couch potato, think again.

Move it or loose it Joint lubrication and flexibility.
My dentist once told me to “only floss the teeth” I wanted to keep. Isn’t that a horrifying image? I’ve been a flossing daily ever since. Same thing goes for “only moving the muscles, bones and joints” you think you’d like to use.

Walking specialist Mary Anne Dunkin puts it another way, “walking strengthens muscles, which helps shift pressure from joints and reduce pain. And repeated walking Continue reading

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3 Fatigue Busting Tools to Re-Energize Your Day

Where does Fatigue begin? Is it our thoughts that exhaust our bodies or imbalances in our bodies that tire our minds and bodies? Today’s fatigue busting tools invite you to notice and note the impact of words, walks and water!

Our first fatigue buster is inspired by Sonia Choquette, author of Trust Your Vibes. I had the pleasure of interviewing her several years ago on the Get Ready For Love Show. Her “Trust Your Vibes Oracle Card Pack” continues to be one of my favorite get-in-touch-with-me tools.

Speak UP According to Sonia Choquette, author of Trust Your Vibes, one of the most powerful tools for eliminating fatigue and “raising your vibrations and attracting Divine support” is to verbally acknowledge what’s working, people and situations we love and blessings of any kind.

Today spend ten minutes naming your blessings out loud to yourself. Continue this in your conversations with others. Keep silent on what you consider to be lacks, losses and discomforts. Be a Chatty Cathy, about blessings, with whoever is available — friends, neighbors, co-workers, bill collectors, grocery store clerks, your mother …

Mini Walks
Anyone suffering from adrenal fatigue (who is aware they have adrenal fatigue) knows that pounding workouts are OUT. Why? Continue reading

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Best Time of the Day for Passion, Creativity, Tough Tasks, Breaks, Collaborations and more.

Dance with your brain’s natural power hours and you will naturally re-energize your day.

Sorry. I promised to post this info Friday but the bug continued … turns out I had some weirdo infection that required anti-biotics. Once again I am thankful to be a modern American woman.

In the “good old days” most of us were dead by forty, often due to something as innocuous as a sinus infection – if we survived childbirth. Then I am a happy American woman because there is no other country in this world where women enjoy such freedom, opportunity and respect. I celebrate all of this everyday. ( I had to explain those 3 words to another girlfriend today.)

Now … about the “Best Brain Time of the Day for Passion, Creativity, Tough Tasks, Breaks and Collaborations and more.”

Research by Lynn Hasher, PhD, a psych professor from the University of Toronto, indicates we are wired with ranges of brain power during the day. She suggests we work with this natural rhythm to be more productive and feel happier, more satisfied and energized.

I have been trying this out during the past week and I LOVE the schedule. Here is the “bottom line” scoop.

7 to 9 AM
Best time for … Passion
Take time to bond with your spouse and whisper sweet nothings in his ear and caress his bod. (May I add that I read somewhere that most couples are more than satisfied with a 7 minute “quickie.”)

9 – 11 AM
Best time for … Creativity
Take on projects that require creative problem solving or a fresh imaginative direction.Best time for analysis and concentration.

11 AM to 2 PM
Best time for … Tough Tasks
Tackle “chores” like errands, website updates, bill pay, emails, problem solving with your partner (business, significant other). Good time for presentations to clients.
(I am writing this piece during this time!)

2 to 3 PM
Best time for … A Break

Great time to take it easy and digest your lunch, morning and early afternoon accomplishments. Take a stroll with your, pray, meditate, stroke your purr friend, read something inspirational and unrelated to your work. You could also try one of my 15 minute “Power Problem Solving Naps.”

Just get comfortable. You can put your head on a desk like in grammer school or lay back in your lazy chair or couch. Dlose your eyes and put your problem out “there” in a “what do I need to do to …” or “how can I …” format. Nine times out of ten I wake up with a divinely inspired solution! You will too.

3 to 6 PM
Best time for … Collaboration

By this time of the day the brain is pretty tired. You won’t be as “sharp” but an easy-going and flexible attitude is perfect for conversations and collaboration. Also 1 + 1 = 3.
Use this time to join forces and create new, fun opportunities!

6 to 8 PM
Best time for … Personal Tasks
There is apparently lots of energy during these hours for “to dos” like cleaning rooms, cooking delicious meals, writing notes, dashing through errands.I’ll confirm this when I am totally recovered from this infection! This is the time, by coincidence?, that my husband and I packed away Christmas last night.

8-10 PM
Best time for … Relaxation
It is time to unwind and starting getting in the sleepy head zone. Take a walk with your dog then slip into a hot bath with Epsom salts, lavender essence oil and a paperback. If you’re going to watch TV make it something light, entertaining and comedic. Do something repetitious like knitting or sewing.

If you have trouble sleeping, click here for what works for moi.

10 PM Onward
Best Time for … Sleeping
This is the time to end your day on two up notes.

Journal: Write down 3 accomplishments for the day in your journal. If you are one of those Type A Perfectionists who never thinks anything is good enough! I’ll give you three of mine to use. Ready? …
1. Got out of bed; 2. Did my best; 3. Gave thanks for another day of life.

Inspired Reading: read something inspirational. I often end my day with 2 or 3 Catherine Ponder Pages, a Bible passage or another reading selection that lifts and relaxes my spirits.

There you have it. Eight distinct braniac times of the day and the best ways to use them to be more productive, balanced and energized. Use them to add joy to your day, everyday. And, if this has been helpful please forward the link to a friend.

There is no duty we so underestimate as the duty of being happy. By being happy, we bestow anonymous benefits upon the world.
– Robert Louis Stevenson
(c) Viveca Stone-Berry 2009
For more information on this topic: Synch Up To Your Brain’s Power Hours By Sara Reistad-Long
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Special Thank to the Keys to Weight Loss Blog for posting this super interesting interview with the authors of “Body Signs From Warning Signs to False Alarms … How to Be Your Own Diagnostic Detective.

Not only is it fascinating but it is sooooo true. Tired women symptoms are so subtle, so under the radar. We need to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us so we can help ourselves and help our docs help us.

Click here to Learn to listen to your body and watch this video interview. Click below for more information and to order your copy of “Body Signs.”

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Life Keeps Getting Better with Terry Hernon MacDonald

There is a feeling that comes along with fatigue. Well, there are quite a few actually.

One of my least favorite was hopelessness. That feeling that no matter what you do or don’t do you will never really feel like your old self. The self that was tireless, funny, enthusiastic and high on life. Remember that super woman energetic you?

My friend Terry taps out a daily blog that never fails to lift my spirits and, where the spirits go the body is soon to follow.

Here is a post from Terry Hernon MacDonald, founder of Happy Girl Musing. It is titled “Life Keeps Getting Better.” Enjoy.

We’ve all heard the garbage about a woman over age 35 meeting a decent man being about as likely as her dying in a plane crash. Yesterday, I met yet another woman who defied that nonsense.

She’s 53, positive-minded, active, and an enthusiastic newlywed, but she could have been a real sad sack. She had plenty of cause to feel sorry for herself. In April 2007 (11 months ago), she was hit by a car and told she would ever walk again.

Doctors said they’d have to amputate her right foot. She refused to believe them.

Call it faith in God, call it the Law of Attraction, call it whatever you want: She determined that a power mightier than modern medicine created her and would heal her foot. She would walk again.

Do I need to tell you that she did not lose her foot? That she was walking fluidly– without a limp — 11 months later? Now, I can’t say what her foot looks like under the sleek high-heeled boot she wore; she did say it’s been fortified with pins.

But whatever it looks like, it’s not stopping her. As I said, she’s newly married and clearly enjoying life. I wish I’d had the chance to ask her about her new husband, especially how she met him.

My guess is she did it the same way she healed her foot. She surely wouldn’t be the first person who succeeded in meeting the man of her dreams this way.

To learn more about Terry why don’t you tune into my interview with her on the “Secrets of Attraction.” You are gonna love to hear what she has to say

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