Chronic Fatigue and chronic lack of money. What’s a woman to do?

money3I am loving my new best friend, a book by Suze Orman called Women & Money Owning The Power To Control Your Destiny. It is giving me hope and clear cut direction to weed out one of my major fatigue triggers, debt. Yep, that little four letter word has become a major chronic fatigue cause and conversation piece for many of us. You too?

Chronic Fatigue starts somewhere, everything does. Based on my own experience, if I had to pick just one root cause it would be adrenal fatigue gone wild. And … what triggers adrenal fatigue? Exhausting, no-win lifestyle choices. Skipping meals, staying in unhealthy relationships, postponing dr. and dentist appointments, constantly overspending … what we do, or don’t, adds up to tears us down.

Changing bad habits is easy to talk about. We all know that. The devil is in the follow through.

My favorite way to take on any BIG change is to share the journey with a team of beloved friends and family members. So that means that I am starting a financial recovery study group! We will all read and do exactly what Suze tells us to do. So far Jeannie is joining in and I’ll be inviting Kathy B, my new sweetie pie cousin Courtney, Shannah and Darla, Cheryn and Brittany and … you’re invited too.

All you have to do is buy the book, Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny and read up through Month One. Oh and start doing what she says to do. (I stress this for myself as I tend to lean towards “doing it my way” which is exactly why I return to where I am!)

Hope to be hearing from you soon. There is power and lots of great feel-good energy in teaming up and tackling problems. I heard years ago that “Isolation is the darkroom in which we develop our negatives.” Don’t do it.

Whatever is making you feel chronically tired and stealing your joy – be it financial stress, work stress, a toxic relationship, a sleepless babe, overworking – talk it out with a friend. When you share your troubles you also hear your solutions. It is weird how that goes, but true. You know what else happens? The ridiculousness of your predicament starts to bubble up and with it returns your humor. Humor plus friendship equals manna for your tired adrenal glands. That is the ultimate energy boost and inspiration for lasting change.



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