Sneak peak. Fatigue Be Gone “Amazon e-Store” Opens

The squeaky wheel starts being greased today. You kept asking for a fast and easy way to shop for energy boosting essentials.  Here is a start to whet your appetite.

You can visit our new Amazon e-Store by clicking here:

We begin with three “categories”. Look in the right hand side bar and you’ll see:

* Gluten-Free Essentials (Start adding into your diet ASAP. Read all about it too.)
* Essential Kitchen Tools (Keep food prep time low & nutrition HIGH.)
* Energy Food, Drinks & Condiments (Must haves that can be difficult to track down in local and specialty grocery stores.)

Next week we’ll add two more categories: “Snack Bar” and “Breakfast Bar”.

Please feel free to post any questions, comments or recommendations you may have. I look forward to making 2014 our year to blast fatigue, brain fog and belly fat. They do go together, don’t they?

If you haven’t already signed up for our weekly “Easy-Does-It-Energizing-Tips”, please click here:

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Chronic Fatigue and chronic lack of money. What’s a woman to do?

money3I am loving my new best friend, a book by Suze Orman called Women & Money Owning The Power To Control Your Destiny. It is giving me hope and clear cut direction to weed out one of my major fatigue triggers, debt. Yep, that little four letter word has become a major chronic fatigue cause and conversation piece for many of us. You too?

Chronic Fatigue starts somewhere, everything does. Based on my own experience, if I had to pick just one root cause it would be adrenal fatigue gone wild. And … what triggers adrenal fatigue? Exhausting, no-win lifestyle choices. Skipping meals, staying in unhealthy relationships, postponing dr. and dentist appointments, constantly overspending … what we do, or don’t, adds up to tears us down.

Changing bad habits is easy to talk about. We all know that. The devil is in the follow through.

My favorite way to take on any BIG change is to Continue reading

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Fatigue Cause — The Uncompleted Task.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of the uncompleted task. -Henry James

Oh no.
Oh no, not again.
There’s an alternative.
It’s worse.

Now you knoclipart_deathw which uncompleted task will be ruining my weekend. Actually “ruining” is a point of view. Once completed I’ll be released from the fuss, the freet and the dread. YIPPEE!

What uncompleted task is exhausting you physically and putting lead in your joie de vivre? Take it on this weekend and get ‘er done. On Monday we’ll clear its energy out and share the energy-boosting benefits of our fruit and veggie day a.k.a., The Monday Club.

Hugs to you and send me some! Viveca

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