Arthritis Joint Pain – Opportunity to stay loose, loose stubborn belly fat and find new friends

Arthritis Joint Pain can be your curse or your wake up call and a blessing. Guess who gets to choose? Three letter word —  sounds like Casper the ghost’s favorite word …

What causes arthritis joint pain in the first place? For most it is simply a side affect of aging, a result of lifetime wear and tear. The most common form, osteoarthritis, shows up as joint inflammation and swelling, joint pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion. In case you think these are good reasons to be a couch potato, think again.

Move it or loose it Joint lubrication and flexibility.
My dentist once told me to “only floss the teeth” I wanted to keep. Isn’t that a horrifying image? I’ve been a flossing daily ever since. Same thing goes for “only moving the muscles, bones and joints” you think you’d like to use.

Walking specialist Mary Anne Dunkin puts it another way, “walking strengthens muscles, which helps shift pressure from joints and reduce pain. And repeated walking compresses and releases the cartilage in your knees, helping circulate synovial fluid that brings oxygen and nourishes your joints. When joints don’t get this nourishment, they deteriorate faster.”

Move it or store itBelly Fat.
Belly Fat a.k.a B.O.B “Belly over Belt” is a measurement most of us need to reduce if we want be able to enjoy birthday cake, ice cream and cookies when we’re seventy verses track our blood sugar counts and prick our fingertips.

Do you need help getting your dogs moving? Try getting a dog, literally. You can adopt or borrow from a friend, neighbor or local animal shelter. The later consists of adopting or becoming a volunteer dog walker which is way cool.

Whether you own a dog or volunteer to walk dogs the health benefits add up.

Dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes a week compared to 168 minutes for those without a dog. –

People with severe arthritis move even less than sedentary people. Pets bring activity, and from activity springs health. – Dr. Virginia Byers-Draus

Move it and make itFriendship

The Arthritis Foundation makes strengthening and lubricating joints fun and friendly. Open to the public (and their dogs) their walking events include the Arthritis Walk and the holiday Jingle Bell Run/Walk. Both encourage participants to join a team or form a team of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

The discomfort of arthritis, or any discomfort from adrenal fatigue to anxiety, is the toll it takes on our relationships. Uncomfortable people tend to shut down, stay inside and isolate. This cure is worse that the cause. In fact, it is proven that:

* The more friends women had, the less likely they were to develop physical impairments as they age, and the more likely they were to be leading a joyful life. – Gale Berkowitz based on The Nurses Health Study, Harvard Medical School.

* Everyone gets the “blues” BUT people who exercised had 1.3 fewer depressed days per month than those who didn’t.  And, people who considered themselves in excellent health had only 1.6 depressed days compared with 11 depressed days per month reported among those in poor health.  – U.S. Behavioral Survey

So, are you ready to start moving and shaking those joints, muscles and bones you want to be using for the next twenty, thirty or forty-something years? Hope so. Here’s a shortcut to get you started.

Click here to locate a volunteer dog adoption or dog walking opportunity near you or to
register for an Arthritis Walk or the Jingle Bell Run/Walk Event. Webpage also lists other walking clubs and social exercise oriented

Well, speaking of walking a dog … think I’ll go do that now before the heat of day sets in. Besides I’ve been working since early morn and it is time to give my mind a break and feed my adrenal glands some pretty sights and sweets smells.



Viveca Stone-Berry is the author of The Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart e-Guide. She credits volunteering at her local animal shelter and dog walking as the two physical activities that spurred her recovery from the exhaustion of adrenal fatigue. She provides a weekly Fatigue Busting Tip, Tool or Technique through the Fatigue Be Gone Newsletter. Click here to register,

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  1. Topical remedies for arthritis aren’t the only pain relief products available to a person. Some people may have to use prescription drugs. Drugs should be taken according to doctor’s instructions.

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