Energy Boosting Smoothie: Apple/Kale/Mint Smoothie plus Flax

Would you like something super tasty, energy-boosting and FAST to make and take on the go, Go, GO?!

Here it is, my favorite smoothie recipe. Just combine the following in your blender. (I use the “Magic Bullet” – super easy to use and clean up afterwards.)

Apple/Kale/Mint plus Flax Smoothie Recipe

One apple, quartered, core removed (Roughage/Anti-oxidant)
Handful of Chopped and Pre-Washed Kate (Anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory)
Bunch of Mint (Refreshes & relieves fatigue, depression and inflammation.)
3 Tbs. of Ground Flax (Digestive/relieves inflammation/weight loss)
1 Tbs. Cinnamon (Balances blood sugar and energy)

Blend, serve & go Go GO!

Mint Health Benefits Include: Relieves fatigue and depression, improves oral health, relieves nausea, benefits digestion and clears up congestion (very helpful during allergy season.) For more information, click here:

Another benefit of Mint … It tastes good!  The mint and cinnamon mask the kale and turn this into a fresh and delicious liquid boost!

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2 thoughts on “Energy Boosting Smoothie: Apple/Kale/Mint Smoothie plus Flax

  1. So … my husband\’s verdict is in. Apparently I\’ve gathered everything he hates most … He wouldn\’t drink this if … I\’ll let you fill in the blanks!I do believe that so much of what we crave and enjoy on the tips of our tongue are influenced by our blood type. At least that is how it has always worked for us. He is the meat and potatoes carnivore and I am little veggie girl. If you\’d like to know more about this subject, click here:

  2. One more thing … Making Peppermint Freezies now. What’s that? Blended peppermint, water & ice cubes with a splash of lemon.

    Heaven on this hot day …

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