Women’s Health – Take the Tired Woman Quiz

Are you a tired woman? This may sound like a strange question but so many of the women we serve didn’t know they were tired!

For one thing, fatigued women tend to be Super Women over achievers! They are sooooo busy helping everyone else they lose track of their feelings – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Asking an exhausted woman how she “feels” is about as constructive as asking her about her hobbies or what she does for fun or which girlfriend she hooked up with last week. These are dead-end questions because fatigue is chip, chip, chipping away at her youth, joy, enthusiasm, simple pleasures, free time, dreams, friendships, marriage …

Women who are tired don’t tend to have hobbies or time for bubble baths or coffee dates with girlfriends. Instead of enthusiasm they often feel overwhelmed, resentful and angry.

STOP this vicious cycle. STOP your denial. You are the only one who can help yourself AND you are here on this page because you know something’s gotta change.

Click here and please proceed directly to the Tired Woman Quiz. http://www.FatigueBeGone.com/tired_woman_quiz.

PSST. First put the oxygen mask on yourself, then you can help all the people you want. Tired women tend to do this backwards, right? Been there – done that and that’s how I became an expert on this Women’s Health Topic!

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