Extreme Fatigue? Feel better – Fast Resource List

Don't let extreme fatigue keep you down.

Extreme fatigue is easy to overlook in winter. Who doesn’t choose the couch over going out in the cold? Who doesn’t feel sleepier when the days are long and dark? Who doesn’t want to hide under the covers when that alarm goes off? BUT when Spring arrives and the spring in our step and mood – doesn’t – it is time clean our house and clear out any and all fatigue causing culprits.

One cause of extreme fatigue is a condition called Adrenal Fatigue. It affects over 80% – yes 80% – of all Americans at some point in their lives. Maybe you’ve just had a baby, or a promotion, or moved, or lost a home, or started business school … The good thing about Adrenal Fatigue is that it is easily treatable. The bad thing is that if it is untreated for too long it can be come very difficult to eliminate.

For an excellent article on Adrenal Fatigue I recommend this write up by Kathy Browning, Are You Constantly Tired? You May Be Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. It covers everything from adrenal fatigue symptoms to recovery recommendations.

Feel Better-Fast Resource List:
Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart Guide: 28 day self-discovery program. Guaranteed to help you help you feel better and to teach you how to boost your energy naturally.  The guide also prepares you to share your findings with your primary doctor which also speed up your recovery time while saving money on unnecessary appointments and tests.

Volunteer Dog Walking: Yes, something so simple as combining volunteering + a fur-friend can make a world of difference in how you feel. True story.

Energy-Boosting Recipes
Yes every input has an output – for better or worse. We’ve developed some easy and delicious recipes to help you feel your best. Enjoy and share with your family!

Funny Movie List – LOL and Feel Better Immediately!
We felt better just making up this list! Click here for a list of our favorite funny movies. Please let us know if we’ve missed any of yours – we’d love to add them in! (For a quick, immediate chuckle, visit: http://www.Facebook.com/DogCaptionCards)


Did you know that everything you allow to cross your lips can either make you feel better or worse? Are you attempting to fuel your body with energy-zapping foods such as sugar, caffeine or energy drinks? Simple dietary changes can result in amazing energy gains. Discover nutrition and dietary supplementation secrets by subscribing to the Fatigue Be Gone newsletter. Signup for your free copy today at http://fatiguebegone.com/newsletter.htm

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Depressed? Is Depression the Cause of Your Fatigue?

Are you depressed? If so, join the club. A report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, indicates that “everyone, will at some time in their life either be depressed or be affected by someone else’s depression. Statistics provided by the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that up to 30% of women are depressed and most are too embarrassed to seek help.

What causes depression? There are many causes of depression including: Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Financial Stress, Traumatic Event and Toxic Relationships to name a few. Take a moment now to check in with yourself …

Take Fatigue Be Gone “Depression Quiz

Do you have or are you experiencing …

1. Decreased energy, a constant feeling of fatigue (Y/N)
2. Persistent sad, anxious or empty mood (Y/N)
3. Restlessness, irritability and/or outbursts of anger (Y/N)
4. Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism     (Y/N)
5. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness     (Y/N)
6. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you typically enjoy such as a daily walk, Friday night out with the girls …    (Y/N)
7. Thoughts of death or suicide (Y/N) *
8. Difficulty concentrating or making decisions (Y/N)
9. Inability to sleep or oversleeping (Y/N)
10. Changes in appetite or weight (Y/N)
11. Unexplained aches and pains (Y/N)
12. Difficulty dealing with a significant others depression or chronic pain? (Y/N)

If you answered Y=Yes to more than three of the items above you may be suffering from depression. See below for some easy-does-it depression remedies and energy boosting, body and mind, techniques.

Number 7 above is a red flag question. If you answered “YES” I recommend you immediately consult with your primary doctor. Don’t ignore or be embarrassed by your thoughts. If you broke your foot you’d go to the doctor. If you had severe stomach pain you’d get to the ER – fast. Your thoughts – your brain – is just another part of the body to be treated, cared for, respected and nurtured.

Now What? Below are a few tips, tools and techniques to help eliminate your fatigue and sadness

1.  Take Notice and Note with the “Dump It Here” Journal Exercise.

2. Talk it over and out. It is said that Depression is “the darkroom in which we develop our negatives.” Click here for a listing of fatigue, exhaustion, addiction and depression recovery resources:

3. Schedule time for energy and mood boosting activities like: humor. At time laughter, like sex, needs to be scheduled vs. left to chance! My favorites include:

On-line/Work break:  Pooch Café and Demotivations
On-the-road: Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Deluxe Limited Edition CD + DVD]

At home: Seinfeld, Shrek and Get Smart

4. Make time for friends and family. A recent poll stressed how time spent with loved ones decreased stress, anxiety and depression.

5. Exercise with a friend.  According to a CDC study people who exercised had 1.3 fewer depressed days per month than those who didn’t AND obese or underweight people reported more depressed days than those who were normal weight or slightly overweight.

Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart! e-Guide provides useful forms and journal exercises to help you get in touch with yourself and on-track with vital health information. Simply fill out the forms and provide to your doctor. Discover simple home medical tests that can save both time and money. A “must-have” for anyone who is tired of being tired, depressed and spending a fortune on products to feel better. Order your copy today at www.FatigueBeGone.com.

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Fatigue Causes – Toxic Relationships, Energy Vampires and the “News”

Fatigue is a complex topic. If you are feeling tired all the time you can bet you are under the spell of a combination of fatigue factors. The culprits include but are not limited to: your diet, exercise, finances, work environment, lifestyle and the quality of your relationships. Today I’d like to address just one of these, relationships gone bad.

Do you feel more fatigue around certain people? I do. In fact three chronically fatiguing Continue reading

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