Boost Your Energy with "Portable Reiki"

I just laid me down and gave myself a pick-me-up thanks to this cool little book called “Portable Reiki Easy Self-Treatment for Home, Work and on the Go

I love the way it shows and tells “how to.” The photos are excellent and its titles make it easy to choose what to do. For example I have been on the verge of a full blown migraine all morning and I’ve been feeling stressed over a loved ones health problem.

So … I chose to do the “Settling Down, Calming Down” series which consists of three hand positions to 1) strengthen the kidneys, adrenal glands … 2) reduce stress, enhance clarity of thought and intuition and position 3) harmonized both sides of my brain, helps memory and brings on the joy.

Doesn’t get much better than that!

Other series include: Chakra Balancing, Nonsense Meditation!, Unjamming the Traffic, Plane Travel, Grounding, Sleep Help, Quick Work De-stresser, Getting Your Head Together, Four Quick Pick Me Ups and Reiki to Refresh Your Energy.

Results of my hands on self-healing? Feeling more energized and that migraine headache is fading back. It is almost gone and so it that nagging anxiety over my friend. Cool beans.

Click here to order your own copy of Portable Reiki and learn how easy it is to start healing yourself. And, for more reading and energy boosting resources do visit the Fatigue Be Gone! Reading Room. BTW – any suggestions to add to our room are welcome. Just drop me a note at

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