Food for Energy – January 2011 Shopping List

Food for Energy: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements:

Magma Plus: Excellent article, Dr. Oz’s #1 Fat Cure, reminded me to start my day with this easy “greens” drink to lose fat and gain more energy. By easy I mean, easy. Add one heaping spoonful to a glass of water, stir and drink. When I have more time – maybe once a week – I follow Dr. Oz’s green drink smoothie recipe. (Dr. Oz’s recipe, between prep time and clean up, takes me about twenty minutes.)

Licorice Root Tea: According to Dr. Wilson, an adrenal fatigue expert, licorice is the herb best know for supporting healthy adrenal function. It is also soothes nervous stomachs, stress and helps decrease * hypoglycemia, a side affect of tired adrenals. Licorice is best taken as a tea because the candy usually contains too much sugar.

What is Hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia is defined as an abnormally low level of sugar in the blood. Hypoglycemia symptoms include: fatigue, dizziness when standing up quickly, irrational mood swings (especially before meals), sugar cravings, headaches, depression and anxiety. Source:

Kelp Powder: Kelp is a variety of seaweed that is known to be the best natural source of trace minerals essential for healthy adrenal gland function. Per Dr. Wilson’s suggestion I created a spice mix, 50/50 sea salt and kelp, to season everything from my morning oatmeal to my favorite roasted chicken recipe.

Food for Energy: System —  NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit

Believe it or not this was my Christmas present from my brother! I started using it once a day during the holidays and it has completely cleared out my chronic stuffy sinuses and the weekly migraine that went with them. (It has also eliminated the need for the costly migraine headache pain medication I had to take.)

Migraine headaches are a common cause of fatigue. Migraine manifests as Continue reading

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Feeling Tired? Try this easy and delicious energy-boosting soup recipe.

Adrenal Fatigue Busting Soup RecipeThe Adrenal Fatigue Busting Soup!

2 Cups Chopped Green Beans (One inch pieces)
2 Cups Chopped Celery
2 Cups Chopped Zucchini
1 medium onion, chopped
5 crushed garlic cloves (Crush then let sit for up to fifteen minutes before cooking.)
Handful of chopped kale (Ten large leaves without stems. Feed the stems to your dog!)
2 tbsp. raw honey
2 cups fresh water
2 cups chicken broth

2 TBSP Seaweed
1 ½ TBSP Salt/Kelp Mix
Your “Super Beneficial” Blood Type Diet Spices

Directions:  Combine everything and let simmer for an hour. Freeze half so you will have fast and easy lunches or dinner additionas.

This recipe goes great with left-overs thrown in! Add in last night’s chicken and brown rice or a left over hard-boiled egg. Whatever you have on hand will only make this even more scrumptious. Also review the “Super Beneficial” Blood Type Diet Food list for all healthy addition ideas. 

Anytime I cook I “double up” the recipe. Then I freeze single servings in empty jam and sauce glass jars. This makes the perfect portion sized servings for easy lunches and dinners.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?
Click here for more information to help yourself feel better – fast.

*Recipe inspired by the following Source
: Dolores S. Downey’s “Taz” soup, “Balancing body chemistry with nutrition seminars,” Cannonburg, MI 49317, page 158.

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Blood Type Diet – Cancer-Fighting Super Foods

Last week I started this list of Blood Type Diet Super Foods with the list for “Blood Type A.” To review that list, for a handy resource to determine your type and for more background information on the Blood Type Diet by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, click here. Note: The food type groups are: Super Beneficial, Beneficial, Neutral: Allowed Frequently, Neutral: Allowed Infrequently and Avoid. I started working with this diet almost two years and really notice a difference in my energy level and general well-being when I follow its guidelines.

Blood Type “O” The Hunter – Meat Eaters
Richly oiled cold-water fish
Fava (broad) bean
Domestic mushroom, Onion, Broccoli, Garlic
Pomegranate, Guava, Jackfruit, Elderberry, Blueberry, Cherry
Dill weed, Tarragon, Tumeric
Green Tea

Blood Type “B” The Nomad
Richly oiled cold-water fist
Domestic mushroom, Onion, Cabbage, Brussels sprout, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Garlic
Red grapefruit, Watermelon, Grape juice, Guava, Jackfruit, Elderberry, Blueberry, Cherry
Dill weed, Tarragon, Tumeric

Blood Type “AB” The Enigma – Modern Merging of A and B Blood Types
Richly oiled cold-water fish
Soy foods
Flax oil
Domestic mushroom, cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato, Onion, Broccoli, Garlic
Grape juice, Guava, Jackfruit, Elderberry, Blueberry, Cherry
Dill weed, Tarragon, Tumeric
Green Tea

Blood Type “A” The Cultivator – Vegetarian

* Source: Cancer: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet (Eat Right for Your Type Health Library)

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Blood Type Diet

Natural way to boost energy and recover from fatigue or any dis-ease.

My journey to understand and recover from fatigue has paused, lingered and returned to  the Blood Type Diet. The first visit was for Michael. He was suffering from terrible migraines and while researching cures for him I found something that works great for us. No good deed goes unrewarded …

M. and I are opposites. I am a Blood Type A which Dr. D’Adamo refers to as “The Cultivator.” Another word is vegetarian. Michael is a Type “O” a.k.a. carnivorous! My first “date” meals for him were unconsciously vegi- oriented. Put me in a kitchen and I’m reaching for a chopping knife and a big vegetable! He ate a couple of these meals with exclamations of “delicious!” By the third repast he was at my elbow with a hunk of meat. One of our first jokes was “and here’s the beef!”

Making a long story short — the more I work with the principles of The Blood Type diet the better we feel. Last year’s health adventure UPPED my focus and integrated another work of Dr. D’Adamo, Cancer Fight It with the Blood Type Diet. This book features a new food category, “super beneficial foods,” a disease-fighting and immunity-boosting super food category.

This week I will post the super beneficial foods for each blood type. The goal is to have you incorporate as many as possible into your daily diet routine. It can be as easy as sprinkling flax on your oatmeal and throwing in some dried cherries then adding soymilk to your morning java. It can take some effort like what I’m going through to find jackfruit! It may also give you a great reason to hang out in French restaurants (Escargot is a super tasty and beneficial food for Type A’s).

Note: I’ll be listing for one blood type a day. If this isn’t you, just check back in a couple of days.

Blood Type A: Super Beneficial Food List (Partial Listing.)

Soy Foods
Richly oiled cold-water fish, Snail
Flax (linseed) oil
Peanut, Walnut
Fava (broad) bean
Domestic mushroom, Onion, Broccoli/broccoli leaves, Garlic
Red grapefruit, Watermelon, Jackfruit, Elderberry, Blueberry, Cherry
Dill Weed, Tarragon, Tumeric
Green Tea

I have a couple more recommendations for you.

1. Print off this list. Post it in your kitchen so that it is at your finger tips and under your nose, literally.

2. Purchase Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book: Cancer: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet (Eat Right for Your Type Health Library) You don’t have to have cancer to benefit hugely from this book. You don’t have to have adrenal failure before you start loving, nourishing and caring from your adrenal glands with the Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart e-Guide.

3. If you don’t know your blood type you can be “typed” for free by donating blood at a blood bank. You can also order an inexpensive blood type test kit here.

Finally, do sign up to receive the almost weekly Fatigue Be Gone Newsletter. I keep it bottom-line short with a natural energy-boost tip or two. Click here to read a past issue on the topic of how to beat fatigue and insomnia.

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Re-Energize Yourself with the Power of Food Combining

Easy as 1-2-3: “How to” mix and match foods to boost your energy.

Start tonight!

For years I’ve flirted with the concept of food combining. It always seemed like a “good” idea but the books and explanations I found were always very technical, tedious and confusing. Not so with The Food Combining/Blood Type Diet Solution

For your ease and enjoyment, here is my
1-2-3 bottom-line “how to” and why of food combining. It is so simply you can start tonight!

Step 1. Tonight eat a meal that includes:

A single protein source + vegetables

Example: Meat/chicken/tofu/fish + steamed broccoli and kale. Add a salad with any veggies you want. Wait 20 minutes, then have a piece of fruit.

Note: Just use salt/pepper for seasonings OR seasonings that DO NOT include MSG. MSG has many names. Click here for a list you can print out and keep handy.

* * *

Step 2
. Do NOT include a starch with your dinner. Wait 20 Minutes on Fruit.

Starch = potatoes, rice, pasta, frozen peas, squash

* * *

Step 3. Notice how you feel in the morning and repeat for the next dinner.

* * *

Why? According to The Food Combining —-, when we combine foods that don’t go well together we stress out our digestion.Then, instead of resting at night our body is busy, busy, busy digesting and breaking down these foods.

Symptoms of poor food combining include: fatigue * insomnia * acid reflux * head aches * depression * weight gain and/or inability to loose weight.

My turn! I suggest you start tweaking how you eat with just one meal, dinner. Why? This will give you an immediate energy boost in the morning. It is also one of the easiest for me to manage. Finally, when a small change works I get inspired to take on more. If I take on too much I am also inspired — to put-it-all-down!

Your turn! Try this for yourself. Give it a fair test – one week to see how you feel. Even Mikey, my man, who was unhappy about giving up that dinner potato is a fan. His Acid Reflux has calmed down, he’s lost a bunch of weight and feels better. Yippee!

I also recommend buying the book, The Food Combining/Blood Type Diet Solution

by Dina Khader. It is very well put together, easy to follow – even has pictures!

For more information about The Blood Type Diet, click here.

For information on my daily adrenal etc. supplement boosting routine, click here, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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