Annual Physical: HUGE opportunity to uncover why you feel so tired.

Do you feeTired all the time? Schedule time to find out why.l tired all the time? If so, now is the time to schedule that annual physical. Most health insurance plans cover the cost of this exam.  Too bad most of us walk into this appointment with less preparation than we’d put into a Baskin & Robbins outing! Is this because it is free? Partly. The big reason is a characteristic typically expressed by chronically fatigued women and men. We (cough, cough) tend to not take care of ourselves or take notice of our “selves.” We take great care of our significant others, work and community obligations BUT when it comes to self-care … we flat line.

I’m not putting anyone down. Look to your right or left – that’s me in the trenches next to you!

Next Thursday, March 11th, is a very important doctor’s appointment. Nine days out. Today I started filling out the Fatigue Be Gone “Daily Food & Activity Log.”  This log is designed to help uncover your fatigue causes and symptoms, patterns and blocks. Click here a copy you can start using today. PDF file.

So far I’ve uncovered the following fatigue causes & culprits …

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Fatigue Be Gone Guide Review – The Succulent Wife’s Favorite Thing

My, we have been honored today!

Please go directly to The Succulent Wife’s Blog to read Anne-Marie Kovacs’s review of The Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide.

Apparently The Succulent Wife is no stranger to fatigue.

I had fallen victim to extreme fatigue and it took me almost a year to figure it out. What was this inexorable fatigue? Was I depressed … Was I overwhelmed, overtaxed, overstressed?”

Anne-Marie’s journey into and out of fatigue encourages you to not give up before you get your miracle. Her recommendation of the Fatigue Be Gone GuideHad I known what to look for myself, as this easy-to-follow guide suggests, I would have saved myself months of frustration …” is an honor.

Thank you Anne-Marie!


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