Just Add D – Vitamin D, that is …

Energy Boosting & Healthy Body Building
Benefits of Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is positively associated with regulating weight, supporting stronger bones, preventing osteoporosis, eliminating depression and protecting us against cancers including breast cancer.

I read about it 3-4 months ago and added 1000 mg to my daily routine.

Next, I mailed the article to my mother. She is borderline diabetic and has been suffering from neuropathy in her. Guess what. She doesn’t anymore. Her results inspired me to give away a couple other bottles to friends who are diabetic and not into reading, researching and taking their health on.

Vitamin D 1000 IU by Now
I love Vitamin D for all the good it does and how-cheap-it-is … Click here to order a bottle for yourself, your mom and a friend in need.

I buy all my supplements at a great discount from eVits – saves me time and gasoline too. While you are at it, click here if you would like to know the rest of my supplement routine. (adrenal support etc.)

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Time to take stock & stock up for the Fall.

My resolution this fall is to keep it simple and have what I need on-hand. So … today I stocked up on vitamin & supplement “musts” for me and Michael. I order in bulk and at a discount through eVitamines who also keeps track of what I order so refills are fast and easy.

Another plus — with orders over $100 I get free shipping.

So – If you want to pay less AND not pay for gas to drive to a store where you’d pay retail, I suggest you give them a visit and win * win too!

Here’s my list. It is short, focuses on the basic must haves with attention to energy boosting opportunities.

Note: All morning supplements are taken at least 2 hours before coffee for best results.

B-Complex 100 – 100 Caps Morning
by Solaray

Mega Multi Mineral – Iron Free – 200 Caps Morning & evening
by Solaray

Cal-Mag Citrate 1:1 – 180 Caps Morning & evening
by Solaray

Salmon Oil – 90 Gels Morning
by Solaray

Super Bio C, Buffered T.R. – 250 Caps Morning & evening
by Solaray

VitaPrime for Men – 100 Caps Morning & evening
by Solaray

VitaPrime for Women – 100 Caps Morning & evening
by Solaray

Chewable Iron w/ Vitamin C & Herbs See Note Below
by Nature’s Plus

Note: I take this when I notice the 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. fatigue coming back … I took the Serum Ferritin Test some years back and I was borderline anemic. Ever since then I just pay attention and take liver tabs as needed. ALWAYS take with lemon water to protect the
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My Vitamin and Suppliment Routine

For years I would not take any vitamins or supplements. I was “on strike.” Why? Because I felt overwhelmed by what to take – what brand – which vitamin, which supplement, what dosage? Capsule, tablet? It seemed too complicated and expensive.

Then came the fatigue AND insomnia AND …

Long story short I learned first hand how important it is eat, drink and be merry. And I found out what supplements to take at a price that is very, very right. Click here to visit the Fatigue Be Gone Supplements Page and update your regimen.

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