Fatigue & Fear — Yikes. How to breakthrough and live fearlessly

Nothing exhausts our resources — financial, professional, emotional and physical like fear. In fact, the fastest way to fail is to simply stay in that paralyzing fight or flight space and wait for the other shoe to drop …

One of my favorite mentors, Henry Ford, once said:
Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

Today, make a break from your past or present and decide to live fearlessly. Another favorite mentor, Guy Finley, can show you just how to do that in his new breakthrough book, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living.

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Easy Tips to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

I just came across this jewel of an article. bottom-line, easy, “how to” advice on setting up a kitchen that supports your health and re-energizes all of you – mind, body, spirit.

When we moved into our new home I hired a Feng Shui expert to come in and spend a couple hours with us. We spent a lot of time in the bedroom … moved our bed away from the wall adjoining the staircase (noise, traffic, restlessness) and out of alignment with the toilet! (congestion in the lungs). I can tell you that made a HUGE difference in our comfort and enjoyment …

We didn’t spend much time with our expert in the kitchen – ran out of time & budget! But that’s o.k. because this really covers it all.

Note: Getting rid of fatigue does require attention to our nutition and our enviornment both of which can collide or joyfully combine in our kitchen …

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

The kitchen has always been the center of the home – throughout the history and in every culture. The old saying ‘home is where the heart is’, as the kitchen was the main source of fire for warmth and cooking, and indeed this was the heart of the home. Fireplaces in other rooms were a luxury, but in the kitchen, where family life, socializing, cooking and eating merged into one, they were a necessity. Click here for more

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