8 Favorite Energy Boosting & Healing Resources

clipart_redaward1Here are 8 of my favorite energy boosting & healing resources. Which should you try today? Use your intuition and pick whichever ONE is calling your name or catching your eye. I say ONE because a characteristic of tired women and men is that we are constantly doing too much and often second guessing ourselves instead of going with out “gut.”

Whichever ONE you pick is the right item – right action for you today. Enjoy it and pass this page on to a harried girl or guy friend!

Which ONE? Whoever comes to mind first.

1. What is – Who is B.O.B? (And how to get rid it it – him?)

2. Fatigue & Fear — Yikes. How to breakthrough and live fearlessly

3. ARGG & Ahhhhh with Magma Plus Greens

4. Life Keeps Getting Better with Terry Hernon MacDonald

5. Re-Energize Yourself with the Power of Food Combining

6. 3 Free Ways to De-Stress Today!

7. Relax and Re-Energize with a little purring and petting

8. Fatigue Speedbump … Energy Vampire … What hit me?

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Re-Energize Yourself with the Power of Food Combining

Easy as 1-2-3: “How to” mix and match foods to boost your energy.

Start tonight!

For years I’ve flirted with the concept of food combining. It always seemed like a “good” idea but the books and explanations I found were always very technical, tedious and confusing. Not so with The Food Combining/Blood Type Diet Solution

For your ease and enjoyment, here is my
1-2-3 bottom-line “how to” and why of food combining. It is so simply you can start tonight!

Step 1. Tonight eat a meal that includes:

A single protein source + vegetables

Example: Meat/chicken/tofu/fish + steamed broccoli and kale. Add a salad with any veggies you want. Wait 20 minutes, then have a piece of fruit.

Note: Just use salt/pepper for seasonings OR seasonings that DO NOT include MSG. MSG has many names. Click here for a list you can print out and keep handy.

* * *

Step 2
. Do NOT include a starch with your dinner. Wait 20 Minutes on Fruit.

Starch = potatoes, rice, pasta, frozen peas, squash

* * *

Step 3. Notice how you feel in the morning and repeat for the next dinner.

* * *

Why? According to The Food Combining —-, when we combine foods that don’t go well together we stress out our digestion.Then, instead of resting at night our body is busy, busy, busy digesting and breaking down these foods.

Symptoms of poor food combining include: fatigue * insomnia * acid reflux * head aches * depression * weight gain and/or inability to loose weight.

My turn! I suggest you start tweaking how you eat with just one meal, dinner. Why? This will give you an immediate energy boost in the morning. It is also one of the easiest for me to manage. Finally, when a small change works I get inspired to take on more. If I take on too much I am also inspired — to put-it-all-down!

Your turn! Try this for yourself. Give it a fair test – one week to see how you feel. Even Mikey, my man, who was unhappy about giving up that dinner potato is a fan. His Acid Reflux has calmed down, he’s lost a bunch of weight and feels better. Yippee!

I also recommend buying the book, The Food Combining/Blood Type Diet Solution

by Dina Khader. It is very well put together, easy to follow – even has pictures!

For more information about The Blood Type Diet, click here.

For information on my daily adrenal etc. supplement boosting routine, click here, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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