How to talk to your doctor

I found this step-by-step “How to Talk to Your Doctors,” by About’s Guide to Panic Disorder, quite complete. Right now this is exactly what my husband and I are doing! We’ve been working with a homeopath to help him heal from chronic migraines and acid reflux. This teamwork approach vs. fix me is working GREAT.

Here’s How You Do It:

Preparation is essential. Before your appointment, write a list of all questions and concerns you have. Between appointments, keep a sheet of paper to write down questions as they come to you.It doesn’t have to be a question. If you can’t put a concern into question form, don’t be afraid to discuss it. Just start with, “I don’t understand why…” or something along those lines.

Keep a record. Keep an ongoing journal, list or simple page of notes on how you’re doing — the good and the bad. This may include side effects, new symptoms, progress, setbacks, or thoughts you have from day to day.

Keep everyone informed. Make sure all of your health providers are aware of your total treatment: including medications, the other health providers, and self-help methods.

Bring someone with you. If it helps you feel less anxious to have a friend or loved one with you, then do it. You may decide how much access you want the person to have (such as coming for the whole appointment or waiting in the waiting room).

For the rest of this checklist by Cathleen Henning Fenton, click here

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Unhappy, Unhealthy Relationships are exhausting.

Get it right the first time, or this time with …

Marry Smart: How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams by Terry Hernon MacDonald.

If we could just marry smart the first time, or next time, we would avoid the heartache, fatigue, anxiety, pain and suffering that goes with a broken or disappointed heart.

If you are getting ready for love, or ready to love again, STOP and order Terry’s book. She teaches you the secrets to attract and marry the man of your dreams! Click here to learn more about this love guide.

By the way, Terry was one of Viveca’s first relationship advisors and a favorite guest on the Get Ready for Love Show. Terry’s formula worked for Terry, Viveca and thousands more.

BONUS: Marry Smart: How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams includes Terry’s
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STRESSED out? Unhealthy Responses to Stress only make it worse.

5 Of The Most Common Stress Monkey Habits and how they affect you:

If you tend to deal with stress in less-than-healthy ways, you are compounding the negative impacts of stress on your health by exacerbating the stress levels and creating new problems in your life and health. The following are some common unhealthy ways of coping with stress, along with some of the negative effects of each, and ideas on how to curb or change the bad habit itself or lessen its impact.

Bad Habit #1Consuming Too Much Caffeine: (Yep, did this one.)

Multitudes of people enjoy a daily caffeine intake, as evidenced by the extreme popularity of Starbucks and other coffee houses. And while the occasional coffee isn’t going to do you great harm, it’s important to remember that caffeine is, in fact, a drug, and it’s possible to have a full-blown caffeine addiction. More likely and common, however, is caffeine dependence, where people use caffeine to jump-start their energy in the morning, use it throughout the day to stave off a `caffeine crash’, and then find their sleep disturbed by caffeine, causing them to wake up tired and need the caffeine jolt to get going again the next day. As the cycle continues, caffeine affects stress levels as well. If this sounds a little too familiar, here are some resources to help kick the caffeine habit.

Bad Habit #2 – … What could it possibly be? (I did this one too. first thing in the morning, all day long, last thing at night.)

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Eat This for Better Blood Sugar and Energy Balance

Eat This for Better Blood Sugar a.k.a. balanced energy throughout your day.

Question for you. When you want to grab a blood-sugar-balancing snack, which is better:
a fresh apple or a slice of rye toast?

Answer. Go for the bread — as long as it’s whole grain.

Getting about 17 grams of grain fiber a day (the kind found in whole-grain breads and
cereals) could slash type 2 diabetes risk by a third, research shows.
And rye bread seems to steady blood sugars best.

When it comes to preventing type 2 diabetes, controlling blood sugar
is what it’s all about. And fiber keeps blood sugar nice and steady,
so you don’t get glucose spikes that send your pancreas into

For more on this topic, click here

Psst. Feel like a piece of burnt toast throughout the day? Or maybe your brains feel like scrambled eggs? You might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Take our free Fatigue Questionnaire at to discover the true causes of fatigue.

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Act as if it were impossible to fail.

All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail.”– Dorothea Brande

Reminds me of another saying, “In a bacon and eggs breakfast the chicken was involved but the pig was committed.

Perhaps today – NOW – is a good time for you to take action and commit to your health … you are just 8 easy steps away from feeling GREAT.

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