Are you asleep at the wheel, too?

This isn’t just dangerous for train conductors. Our roads are clogged with fender benders to tragedies because of everyday people, like you and me, who are driving while drowsy.

I should know. This is exactly the problem that started this ten-year research and recovery program now called Fatigue Be Gone. See, I was driving from San Diego to Virginia and no matter what hour of the day, I was exhausted. Coffee didn’t help. Candy bars didn’t help. A good night’s sleep didn’t help.

What did help was digging in and figuring out what was going on with me. I applied what I read and the advise of docs and friends “in the know”. Bottom line is that a lot of small and some large lifestyle and dietary changes brought me back to life. Little habits like drinking 8+ glasses of water, eating breakfast, taking breaks, spending time with friends and avoiding diet bummers added hours of energy and pleasure back into my life.

If you’re here because you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired Continue reading

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