H.O.T.S Test – What Are YOU?!

I have referred an number of friends to this test recently … now it is your turn to participate!
HOTS” is an acronym for four dominant personality types, Hare, Owl, Turtle and Squirrel. Why should a tired woman care about this?
It is fatiguing for the body to involved in activities that don’t “fit” the spirit. That’s the simplest way I can put it.

For example, I am a pure “Hare.” Hare’s bubble with ideas and enthusiasm. I love to start things, brainstorm things and promote things. I am not a great “finisher” of things, nor will I necessarily pick the best things to do. I definitely cannot foresee problems. Ooops.

What exhausts a Hare? Projects that are endless and heavy on admin. Trying to do too much like the squirrel, owl and turtle side of affairs. Sharing my fabulous ideas with Turtles who can’t help but shoot them down and hurt my feelings!

My husband is a hybrid, Squirrel/Owl. He is excellent at seeing the big picture, picking the best idea and following through. He also does not see problems. Ooooops.

Knowing this information has saved us a lot of worry and hassle. We KNOW we need to consult with our doctors, lawyers and friends who are experts before we “pull the trigger!” (Sometimes we forget and pay the price. Yikes.)

Take a moment to find your type. I also suggest you have you family and business partners take the test. It is fun and easy to do. Work with the results and you will be amazed at the ease that will tiptoe back into your life.

Post your findings here using the “Comments” feature. Share any “ah has” while you’re at it. What will you change about your life based on the HOTS Test? I am eager to hear! – Viveca


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