Hold on tight and experience the healing power of the hug!

Yes, you are just a dozen heartbeats and thirty seconds away from feelin‘ fine.

All About The Re-Energizing Health Benefits of Hugs!

I’ve been doing a little experiment to see if something as simple and free as a hug could really make a big difference in how I feel AND re-energize my marriage.

Guess what? The answer is YES to both!

Here’s my 3 Step Hug Formula.

1. Before you part for work in the morning hug and hold on tight for thirty seconds. Take big deep breaths and relax into each other’s arms. Tell him that you love him and wish him well in his day.

2. When he returns … repeat with a welcome home hug.

3. Before or after dinner … repeat.

There. Easy isn’t it? Now, how about those health benefits … I got goosebumps when I read them because they confirm exactly how I have been feeling during this experiment!

1. Loving contact before a tough day at work “could carry over and protect you throughout the day,” says psychologist Karen Grewen with the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
Yes. I have been feeling calmer and happier all day long.

2. When couples hugged for 20 seconds, their levels of oxytocin, released during childbirth and breastfeeding, increased. Those in loving relationships had the highest increases.
Yes again. Twenty seconds seems long the first couple of times but we settled right into this routine and I love feeling his heartbeat and breath on my cheek.

3. “Scientists are increasingly interested in the possibility that positive emotions can be good for your health. This study has reinforced research findings that support from a partner, in this case a hug from a loved one, can have beneficial effects on heart health,” said Dr. Charmaine Griffiths, spokesperson for the British Heart Foundation.
My heart feels happier and he’s been much less stressed.

Psst. Have you seen the Free Hugs Campaign Video? I LOVE this, click here to see it for yourself: http://www.freehugscampaign.org/

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