Are you tired of feeling achy?

I have been one achy babe since awhile now. Like fatigue, achy muscles and joints just seemed to sneak into my life little by little until I felt it – day in and day out. Some nights I even found it hard to sleep because of the discomfort.

Enter Dr. Greg Kangleon … “Oh yeah” he said. “You need to be take calcium. Aching muscles and foot and leg cramps are signs of a calcium deficiency.” Go figure. What a relief. I was imagining the worst.

Started taking 1/2 teaspoon (600 mg) of powered Calcium Carbonate everyday and immediately feel so much better.

Easy and frugal solution.

Easy and frugal solution.

If you are feeling “off” please talk to your doc. Your own solution could be just as easy and inexpensive to fix as mine!

P.S. If you live in San Diego I highly recommend Greg. He has been Doctor Solution for me for years and although I live in Virginia now I always have a check up with him when I am out for a visit.

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20 minutes a day – or less.

Some fatigue causes really are “in our heads.” One of mine is the unfinished-task-fatigue. Right now (and often) my energy is zapped by the mental fatigue of these nagging tasks.

Easy way to boost energy and eliminate mental fatigue.

Eliminate "Unfinished Task" Fatigue

Easiest solution is take them on, 20-minutes at a time.

This morning I put in my fourth 20-minute session weeding a backyard terrace. It was a complete mess, now it needs maybe one more go and it is complete. Continue reading

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Stand UP & Power DOWN

It’s so easy to feel better. Often we don’t have to change much or buy anything extra. If you already own a car, a couch, some chairs, a bed and a smart phone you will find this month’s energy-boosting recommendations to be absolutely FREE.

Stand UP!
We spend way too much of our day laying or sitting down. It’s not natural and it isn’t healthful either. We used to have to chase down our chow and walk for miles to get somewhere else. Now everything we need is just a few paces or a car ride away.

This week, stand UP more. Stand UP when you talk on the phone with friends and go through your mail. Stand UP when you watch the news. Stand UP and stretch to start and end your day.

Power DOWN
I recently went through a nightmare spell of insomnia. It coincided with my upgrade from a flip phone to a “smart” phone. Coincidence? Hardly.

Flip phones, in case you don’t remember them, are only useful for calling or texting (while standing UP.) Smart phones are palm sized computers that are endlessly interesting. They also emit a bright light that keeps the sleepy-time dopamine at bay for hours and hours.

BIG thanks to my doc for helping me connect these dots. Since I started powering DOWN two hours before bedtime and charging it up in the kitchen vs. my bedroom the insomnia is gone and waking up refreshed is back!


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Energy Boosting Smoothie: Apple/Kale/Mint Smoothie plus Flax

Would you like something super tasty, energy-boosting and FAST to make and take on the go, Go, GO?!

Here it is, my favorite smoothie recipe. Just combine the following in your blender. (I use the “Magic Bullet” – super easy to use and clean up afterwards.)

Apple/Kale/Mint plus Flax Smoothie Recipe

One apple, quartered, core removed (Roughage/Anti-oxidant)
Handful of Chopped and Pre-Washed Kate (Anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory) Continue reading

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