Fatigue Causes – Toxic Relationships, Energy Vampires and the “News”

Fatigue is a complex topic. If you are feeling tired all the time you can bet you are under the spell of a combination of fatigue factors. The culprits include but are not limited to: your diet, exercise, finances, work environment, lifestyle and the quality of your relationships. Today I’d like to address just one of these, relationships gone bad.

Do you feel more fatigue around certain people? I do. In fact three chronically fatiguing Continue reading

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Fatigue Speedbump … Energy Vampire … What hit me?

Today was one of my 4 a.m.ish rise and shine and go to the gym days. And so I did – easily as a matter of fact because I’d gone to bed at 9:00 p.m. the night before. It makes my day when I walk my talk!

Anyway, I got up, bipped off to the gym and had a great workout. I felt strong and oh so invigorated. It was fun.

Then came a delicious breakfast of poached eggs, toast, hash browns, bacon, pancakes, butter, syrup and coffee. Half an hour later I was on the road heading home and going through antics to keep my eyes open. I felt exhausted.

What hit me?

This is what I consider the “fine tuning” phase of my recovery from fatigue.

When my fatigue recovery story began I felt like this all the time. When you feel like c-r-a-p all the live-long-day there are no speed bumps just blahhhhhhh. Now when I feel this way I know to go through a process of elimination …

Is it an allergy to something I ate? I will try this and omit that with this breakfast until I find the trigger. Maybe I’ll need to opt out of this restaurant fare and wait till I get home for my Oatmeal Blueberry Energize … keep it simple.

If you are feeling tired all the time OR having noticeable bumps during your day PLEASE get and follow the instructions my Fatigue Be Gone Jumpstart e-Guide. Why? Because I want you to get your life back too.

The guide isn’t a cure. If you are down way low it probably won’t solve all your fatigue issues BUT it will get you on the road. It will help you route out one or more key issues and get them cleared up. Just feeling a “little bit” better can make a HUGE difference. That little bit of relief and extra energy will help you feel better and continue to upgrade your diet, exercise, relationships …

It takes time to wear yourself out. It takes time to build yourself back up and you can do it. The guide will help.

Then … a year from now you will notice your speed bumps. You will hit them – need to figure out what you ate, what you were thinking or what you were feeling before the wind was knocked out of your sails. That’s great. That’s life vs. still life.

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Energy Boost Tips – Walk Away & Hold It

Walk Away

Toxic relationships can lead to poor mental, physical and emotional health. Nearly everyone involved in one becomes stressed out and ends up suffering from chronic fatigue, insomnia, and a host of other ailments.

If you’re in a toxic relationship that’s sucking you dry, you don’t have to stay. You can literally walk away. And while it might be easier said than done, eliminating toxic people from your life can be the most liberating and empowering experience you can give yourself. Keep reading and you’ll find resources to help you break free.

Hold It!

People who are negative and angry all the time are frequently referred to as Energy Vampires because they suck the life out of you. These Energy Vampires can be friends, family, co-workers, business associates, or customers.

When dealing with Energy Vampires on the phone, a simple solution is called Hold It! It’s simple. Just ask them to “Hold It.” Push that hold button and take a break from the conversation. Take the time you need to collect your thoughts, breathe deeply (through your nose and out your mouth) and relax. Then, when you are ready, get back on the line and handle the situation calmly.

Feeling victimized is exhausting. Remember – YOU have choices. Use them!

Pssst… Need help managing “boundaries” and knowing how to spot unhealthy relationships? Here are a couple of easy-does-it conversations that are available to you 24/7. Come on over and listen in!

Nice Girls – Toxic Love and Breaking the Ties that Bind – Asante Penny and Viveca Stone-Berry

Healthy Relationships, Alanon and Hidden Fatigues – Rebecca White and Viveca Stone-Berry

Viveca Stone-Berry is the founder of FatigueBeGone.com and author of Fatigue Be Gone! Jumpstart e-Guide which helps women of all ages re-energize themselves and their relationships.

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